BIAY Companion Guide

Hot off the press! Ascension Press is publishing a companion guide to the award-winning podcast The Bible in a Year (with Fr. Mike Schmitz)™. The guide takes Catholics through the daily summaries, transcripts of Fr. Mike’s daily prayers, and extra content for each episode to the Bible in a Year.

The daily content includes:

  • The proprietary Bible in a Year Reading Plan
  • Summary of the key points and highlights of Fr. Mike’s commentary on the daily readings”
  • Take It to Prayer”, where Catholics will be able to pray the daily prayer alongside Fr. Mike and the rest of the BIAY community
  • Unique content surrounding each day’s readings, from images and Q&As to prayer prompts and ways to live out the Scriptures in real life

Get even more out of The Bible in a Year! Find out more here.

Pre-orders are open and we expect the first shipment to arrive End-November.

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