Divine Mercy Bible

It’s finally arrived!

From the good folks that created the Great Adventure Catholic Bible, Ascension Press now brings you the Divine Mercy Catholic Bible.

As our family has a special devotion to the Divine Mercy for a number of years now, we decided we had to have one of these. Even if the “bible” part of it was the same!

I won’t be able to do proper justice to review this bible thoroughly since I’m not a theologian, but I’ll just give a rough overview based on my layman opinion.

The quality of the bible is similar to size and feel as the Great Adventure Catholic Bible. The familiar leather binding, now in a classic black makes it visually stunning.

But more importantly, there’s 175 Mercy Moment Callouts showing you God’s mercy throughout the bible. It makes for great prayer and reflection points whilst you do your bible readings.

There’s also 19 articles to help you understand this idea of God’s Divine Mercy better. Articles like St. Faustina: Mercy’s Missionary and The Prophetic Revelation of Divine Mercy explain the origins and intents of this devotion.

St John Paul II, who canonised St. Faustina said “May the binding promise of the Lord Jesus be fulfilled: from here there must go forth ‘the spark which will prepare the world for his final coming.’ This spark needs to be lighted by the grace of God. This free of mercy needs to be passed on to the world. In the mercy of God the world will find peace and mankind will find happiness!” (original emphasis).

So if you’re intrigued by God’s Mercy for us and want to explore the word of God through this lens. Do get yourself a copy.

God bless!

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